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The Blockchain technology can be applied as a great economic tool, forming a community force that serves to fortify the economy of the vulnerable sectors and so decrease the social inequality. 
Community has the aim of being an current and effective tool to the acquisition of many of the principal objectives of the ONU’s 2030 schedule, we are convinced that new technologies, but in specific, the Blockchain technology can bring clarity and certainty about a very important worldwide topic as it is humanitarian aid.

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One of each five people of the regions in development still live with less than one dollar and twenty-five cents a day, moreover there are millions of people that earn a few more of that daily amount, and to this is added the fact that exist many people in risk to fall or relapse in poverty.

We need a profound world agriculture and food system reform if we want to nourish the nine hundred twenty-five millions of hungry that currently exist, and the additional two thousands millions of people that will live in the 2050 year.


The bank traditional model achieves a privacy level limiting the access to the information to the parties involved, and to the trusted third party.

With the Community network everyone can see if someone is sending an amount to someone else but without the existence of information linking the transaction with anyone. This is similar to the level of information that the stock Exchange communicate, where time and size of the individual operations are made public but without show who were the parties implicated.

Name: Community
Algorithm: X11 Proof-of-Work
Ticker: CMT
Premined: 100%
Total Supply: 998.100.001

Here in community we are totally aligned with the interests of the ONU’s sustainable development schedule to 2030, and we wager for the Blockchain technology to accomplish that common objective for everybody.

These are some of the principal objectives that we want to support:

-From here to 2030, eradicate the extreme poverty for all the people in this world (at present it is considered that the people who live with less than one dollar and twenty-five cents a day in the U.S suffer from extreme poverty).

-From here to 2030, to guarantee for all men and women, in particular the poor and vulnerable ones, have the same rights to the economic resources and access to basic services.

-From here to 2030, put an end to hungry and assure the access to all the people, in particular the poor ones and the people in situations of vulnerability, as the children younger than one year old, to a healthy, nutritious feeding, sufficient during a whole year.

-From here to 2030, to guarantee the universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energetic systems.

-From here to 2030, increase, considerably, the proportion of renewable energy in the set of energy sources.

- By 2030, you will increase the proportion of renewable energy in the set of energy sources .





Community Road map


Q1 2018

• Community team creation 

Q3 2018

• Catchment of private capital

Q3 y Q4 2018

• Development of the community platform
• CMT cryptographic development

Q1 2019

• - Lunch of Community CTM
• Lunch of White paper and Road map
• - Development of wallets: - windows
                                        -  Mac
                                        - Linúx 
• - Listing in public exchange

Q4 2019

• Creation of the technic committee to the  
 acquisition of lands and development of projects
• Creation of the body in control of projects.

Q1 2020

• Implementation of the integral model of aid (pilot phase).